Believe it, or else: Corporations have religious exercise rights according to The SCOTUS.

“These are not the droids you are looking for.” So said Justice Samuel Alito (basically… I may be paraphrasing) reassuring the nation that the majority opinion written by him was not a broad, abject abdication of the First Amendment, imposing one citizen’s religious strictures on other citizens, through force of law.

But columnist Leonard Pitts is not swayed by these Jedi mind tricks:

“Apparently, it’s a narrow ruling because they say it’s a narrow ruling. Apparently, we are simply to trust them on that. But even if you could take them at their word, this would be a frightening decision, the imposition of religion masquerading as freedom of religion. And the thing is: You can’t take them at their word.”

Prepare for a new world of tortured reasoning in favor of religious privilege.  Well, at least in the short term I can rest easy in knowing I’ll probably be dead before the torture advances beyond reason.