We Have Met The Enemy

We have met the enemy, and he is us.  <– This essay by Ijeuma Oluo serves as background for all that follows.  While I hope my post stands on its own, it is important context.  You probably can learn something from that beautiful essay anyway.

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Black people need to know what white people are thinking, right?

Roughly ten, maybe fifteen, years ago I wrote to Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts.  I love his writing.  I love his perspective.  I wanted to add my voice, the “Good White Man”  to his, advancing racial understanding.  I do not have the original letter, but the essence of what I wrote still stains my psyche:

Dear Leonard,

It seems that black and white people don’t really know each other’s experience.  Would you be interested in working jointly on an answer column or website, in which we take questions and give the ‘straight-poop’ to each other’s side?  Perhaps we could call it “Ask a Crackuh/Aks a Brutha.

Cordially. etc…

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