“Educated” Book Review

Tara Westover’s “Educated” is as solid a memoir as I’ve read.  I hesitate to say “The best memoir ever,” as I know tastes vary. But Westover’s debut masterpiece ticks all the boxes in the checklist I’ve built, reading classics like Mary Karr’s “Liar’s Club,” Jeanette Wells’ “The Glass Castle,” Bernard Cooper’s “The Bill From My Father” and (perhaps the progenitor of the field) J.R. Ackerley’s “My Father and My Self.”

I want to be clear: classics though they are, none of those checks ALL the boxes so effortlessly ticked by Westover; as “effortlessly” as she ticked off ACT test bubble-answer sheets to gain acceptance to college with no prior formal education!

I cannot more highly recommend a memoir than I recommend Tara Westover’s “Educated.”

Literally… because they won’t give me more stars. But I can write more to prove how much I loved this book. …  (more)

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