Top Ten Beers

Time to be true to the stated mission of the blog… to pursue knowledge, understanding, truth and fine beers…
Here’s my list of top 10 notable beers in my life. Not necessarily ordered by rank, though number 1 is truly number 1.

1. New Glarus “Staghorn Octoberfest“; New Glarus, WI. New Glarus has carbonation and mouthfeel down pat!

2. Unibroue “Maudite“; Quebec City, Quebec, CAN. The Waitress warned me, “Drink three of these and you’ll speak fluent French.”

3. Guinness Stout; Dublin, Ireland. Nuff said.

4. Ommegang “Three Philosophers” Cooperstown, NY. Yes, I have a predilection for the heavier, Belgian Triple and Quadruple Ales. It’s not just because of the 9.0 ABV.. but that doesn’t hurt.

5. New Glarus “Spotted Cow” New Glarus, WI; Chicks dig the spotted cow. It’s a gateway drug to “beer with flavor” Close enough to boring beers, but delicious enough to show a neophyte why they should abandon Bud, Miller, Coors and anything like it.

6. Black Sheep “Black Sheep Ale“; Masham, North Yorkshire, England; Open fermentation in “Yorkshire Square Vessels” makes this special. They’ve gone upscale since I toured, when they actually had stone, square, open, outdoor fermentation vessels.

7. Sprecher “Special Amber“; Sprecher Brewing, Milwaukee, WI The original Microbrew in the Midwest. Still a beautiful draft, though bottles are good, too.

8. Help me fill out the list?




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