Six Word Memoirs

The six word literary form is becoming quite the fad, and here’s my entry:

“I can’t believe I ever believed.”

This may stand on its own, but it is written while looking down the 20 + year-long corridor since I finally admitted that I could no longer believe what I had been taught throughout childhood. Given that filter, given all the experience since then, I truly can’t believe I was ever a devout Catholic… so devout I was in the Seminary on my way to becoming a priest!

How do we get trapped into those circular thinking patterns? How did I break out? Is it possible to plant the seeds of doubt in a person who doesn’t have a critical-thinking nature? Or am I short-selling humanity… do we ALL have critical thinking nature?

I don’t know, but in looking at the person that was me through age 22, I can’t help but feel I’m reading someone elses biography.


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