Success, Self-Expression and The Expert

Self expression is what makes people either want to be around you or avoid you. 

Self expression is what you do at every second of your existence, and if you’re not “out there,” who can see you and decide they want to hang out with you?  

And why do people want to hang out with you, anyway?  Because you bring something to their life that they want.  Joy? Ideas? Compassion?  A skill they lack, which if applied by you can make them more money?  Access to a market they want to sell into? 


We spend our entire lives trading our self expression for sustenance.  What a joy it is to be able to make a living expressing oneself authentically, fulfilling one’s own passions and curiosity, and having that expression be meaningful and useful to others.  Whether it’s as an engineer, or a musician, or a Yogi…  That is my definition of success.  Success is being able to do what you love, and having enough people valuing  what your self-expression brings to the table that your sustenance is never in question.

What a drag it is to curb authentic expressions to manipulate others into hanging out with you, contracting with you, buying from you.

Which of these videos represents the way you want to express yourself?  What’s stopping you from reaching success?

Understand it?  Or the Expert?


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