Bryan College bleeding fundamentalists

There is no end to what you can believe, especially if you sign an annual declaration of your faith.

Why Evolution Is True

I think I’ve posted about this once before, but the fracas at Bryan College in Dayton Tennessee (a fundamentalist college named after William Jennings Bryan, and located in the town where he had his Scopes Trial debacle and then died) is continuing, and is described at Inside Higher Ed in a new piece by Coleen Flaherty, “Too small a box.”

Bryan College has long had a “Statement of Belief,” which begins like this:

“the holy Bible, composed of the Old and New Testaments, is of final and supreme authority in faith and life, and, being inspired by God, is inerrant in the original writings”

and goes downhill from there. Every faculty member and all the staff have to sign this annually (I guess that’s to prevent change of belief).

Last February, the College’s Board of Trustees issued a “clarification,” which it claimed was really inherent…

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