Dark humor.

Do you like dark humor? Skip this post if you do not. I heard Bobcat Goldthwait tell the most perfectly timed dark joke, perhaps of all time.

Listening to Marc Maron interview Barry Cremins and Goldthwait talk about the release of their new movie, “Call Me Lucky.”

It is a documentary about Cremins being raped by a Catholic priest repeatedly, but the first time at age 4. Goldthwait directed it and is Cremins’ best friend. Goldthwait apparently was also Robin Williams best friend, and he claims he got word of Williams’ suicide seconds after shooting the last scene for this movie. When asked to review the last year, Goldthwait said, “Yeah, 2014 pretty much sucked. Got divorced. My best friend killed himself. I broke up with my girlfriend while decorating the Christmas tree. But it was comforting to know, when the times got really dark, I could turn to editing this movie about baby rape.”

It may not translate to print, but as delivered it was PERFECT. Check out “WTF” episode 626 with Jason Bateman, Goldthwait and Cremins if you want to judge for yourself.

Oh… And put “Call Me Lucky” on your must watch list!


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