The limits of ElectroComm

Human communication is a miracle. The fact that we both say and receive messages through “filters of belief” (preconceptions, preoccupation, desires, different experience) means that we do not necessarily or naturally understand our communication partner.

The implication of this fact is that successful communication requires time, an opportunity for back-and-forth, multiple inputs–like facial expressions and vocal tone, and I am sure other elements I am missing.

The conclusions I have to draw is that maintaining existing, good relationships only through the Internet, the Blogosphere, the Twitterdome, or Facebookistan will be their death.

Spend some real face time with those you love and care about. Or, as “The Little River Band” once said, “Take time to make time, make time to be there.”

The ironic corollary is that it is completely possible to read or hear a stranger’s words i poem, somg, novel or blog and extract from them exactly what you need in your life at any given time.


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