Let’s Not Talk About Gun Control

Let’s see if we can keep our side of the argument alive permanently, the way the NRA does. Participation, exposure, humiliation of the insane ideas: it’s the only way to end the insanity. The crazy must be made to stare itself in the mirror provided by other people’s rejection and mockery of the inapsanity.v

National exposure and mockery of his absurdness popped Scott Walker’s balloon of support within Wisconsin. A barrage of essays like this one here might wake up a few of the LaPierre zombies and start the tidal shift we need. To Sanity!

IdleHands Workshop

It’s uniquely terrifying to consider the absurd extent to which many gun people are willing to suspend reason just so they can remain armed and dangerous. It’s like they are all in abusive relationships and every time there’s another shooting, they show up at work the next day with a black eye and a split lip. And they say, “You don’t understand. My guns LOVE me. They’d never do anything to hurt anyone. It’s the rest of the world that’s wrong.”

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