Moral Compass

Quick thoughts on moral compasses and metaphors. When you follow a compass and move to the north or south pole, the compass becomes useless and you need backup.  GPS is a nice one.  Further, does your compass show “true North”or “Magnetic North”? I found out hiking in Wyoming that the difference between those two concepts is about 11 degrees. That’s life or death in the wilderness! It’s a different amount in different places, so you have to consult a reference guide for the area where you intend to navigate by compass.  Even if you know that, Magnetic North varies from year to year.  Be sure you are consulting a CURRENT reference.  Scientists are suggesting the world is in for a magnetic field shift, where the poles switch.  You’d hate to think you were heading North when actually moving South.

So what?

Beware the person who has only a single moral compass, and asserts it and it alone shows the way.

h/t Shitij Sharma


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