Harris on “The Muslim Ban”

“Sam Harris is a calm voice, an intellectually rigorous and honest voice, discussing some of the most explosive topics openly.”

“Sam Harris makes mistakes, and has in the past  been hyper-defensive.”

The two sentences above can exist without conflict.  No one needs to attack me as a “SamHarrisPhobe” for the second statement.Yet, that is the situation Sam is in on a daily basis as he levels his critiques against Islamists, and their source of inspiration:  Islam. The Texts.  The indoctrination.  I re-blog Sam’s post because I agree with his precis.

We are going to need to get more people closer to where Sam is, if we’re going to render extremist Jihadi Islamists ineffective against a functioning civil society.

The following stood out, Harris quoting David Frum:

The Left seems determined to empower the Right by continuing to lie about the problem of Islamism. As David Frum recently wrote, “When liberals insist that only fascists will defend borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals won’t do.” I have been saying as much for more than a decade—and am vilified by my fellow liberals whenever I do

Even liberals need to stand up and fight, and defend where they want to live, physically and epistemically.  Read Harris’s full piece here:  A Few Thoughts on the “Muslim Ban”


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