Angry Heart

I write well from two places:  Anger and Heart.

My “anger writing” is usually at some perceived injustice, and my writing is an invitation for you to join my crusade.  There is something about anger that sharpens my vocabulary, and I get an unnatural satisfaction from slashing with razor sharp words.  I am certain I am fighting on the right side, and I exhort you to raise your dudgeon to my level.  I am self-satisfied by angry writing.

My “heart writing” flows from un-self-conscious expression of true experience and feelings.  I write these pieces with no expectation of audience at all.  Perhaps this is why it is so rewarding to receive feedback that my heart touched someone else’s?  The reader returns satisfaction to me as an unexpected gift.

It is so much harder to conjure heart than anger.  Sandra Cisneros says anger is a good source for writing, but “If you’re still angry when you’re done writing, you’re not finished.” I must convert the anger to heart for it to be valuable, for myself or anyone, really.


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