Today I find myself struggling to not explode over how bad a human being and President DJT is.

I tried to express it and found nothing but vitriol, so I took a deep breath, trying to find something nice to say.

Here are the BEST things I can bring myself to say.

DJT, POTUS 45 is:

Divisive — He is not acting as the leader of ALL citizens. He is speaking and acting on behalf of his followers only, and that is not the role of a President. He is not advocating a “better place” that all citizens can pull together to reach. He hates on the “losers” and spends his every waking second seeking revenge against Barack Obama, who made fun of him at a dinner two years ago. Oh… did I mention “Petty”?

Ignorant — On a daily basis he demonstrates he knows virtually nothing about every issue he touches. “Who could have known healthcare is so complex?” He doesn’t seek to cure his ignorance, instead doubling down by being incurious. Being ignorant is not a crime. No one knows everything. Being WILLFULLY ignorant, or insisting one is NOT… those are crimes.

Politically Inept — aside from rallying his base to continue supporting him, via race-baiting rallies, DJT has achieved nothing politically. He calls for the NFL to fire kneelers, and we get a couple hundred more kneelers. If he can’t do something unilaterally, it won’t get done. And guess what? We live in a tripartate governmental system. You aren’t king, DJ.

Self-serving — his every action is designed to enhance his brand. He is a grifter, a rent-seeker suckling at the teat of government as he lets Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and others die. I am embarrassed he represents us internationally, living embodiment of the Ugliest American.

Hopelessly narcissistic — I want to stand outside the White House with a boombox (think John Cusack in “Say Anything”) and blast Alanis Morrissette’s “Narcissus Boy” on repeat. Go… give it a listen…

Immature — His emotions are frozen at the 4th grade schoolyard. He is a bully, and a crybaby. I wonder if anyone has ever held him accountable.

Technically our President.

Those are my positive thoughts of DJT 45.
The BEST thoughts.

Imagine the worst.


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