Gone Focusing: Day 14

Day 14 of 40, Facebook Free for some reason… to be determined.

On the merits of reconsideration, horn tooting, and injuries of the out of shape.


Should I keep going?  Wiley Miller’s cartoon makes a good point, even if Facebook isn’t really “The News.”  Do I even know what’s going on any more? What is remarkable is that, without the “priming” effect of Facebook posts, I no longer have the urge to “follow up” by watching MSNBC.  I have not only eliminated the time suck of FB, but I am not listening to the same news reported over, and over, hours on end on my favorite news source.

With more reading comes more written book reviews.  I posted one yesterday for Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up” memoir, and I noticed that my review for Daniel Kahnemann’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow” is up to 498 likes!  Does any place pay for book reviews any more?  I want in!

Carpal Thumbal Thyndrome



Finally, while I’m doing WAY less iPad typing with my thumbs, my left thumb has decided to go all whack-a-doodle (not a dog breed), with pain — emulating a pull, a ligament issue, arthritis or cancer.  I can’t decide which, but it ain’t fun, and makes all iPad activities harrowing.   For now I’ll trust Arnold.



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