Any Means Necessary

There is a two-car train, barreling down the track, intent on destroying our society.

1. Republican deficit spending — designed to suck us into debt while enriching themselves and their cronies. They then turn and say we can’t afford social programs, and start gutting the social safety net. All things “public” are bad.  They have been playing no-compromise, long-ball on this for 45 years.

2. NRA Militarization of every aspect of our public space. More guns everywhere. Not only criminals fear guns. Social reformers, who want a society not based on internal fear and militarization, are deterred by the onerous task of clearing the minefield the NRA seems so giddy to create.  At BEST, those seeking a peaceful society are slowed.

Now, I could have said “bent on destroying any chance of a democratic socialist society,” but this thoughtless, brainless train destroys society generally.

Time to flip the switch on this “Trolley Problem.” (Google it.) Some folks gotta go down if we’re going to save the country. Stop pretending either of those train cars has any other motivation, or good-will intent to govern for ALL Americans.

(This is not a call to violence… just a reminder that the other side is already deploying it on a daily basis, to convert this country into the military strip mine of their wet dreams, and must be stopped.)


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