It’s an ObamaNation!

Day one. President Barack Obama has just publicly acknowledged non-believers in his inaugural address as a part of the landscape of America. What a seemingly minor thing, but what a HUGE step.

A step toward conservatism.

“What?” you shriek? Yeah, it’s a huge step toward returning to the founding fathers’ intent; back toward being a nation where there is no religious test for public office. Sure, it’s not formal, but when every candidate has to undergo TWO “faith” and/or “compassion” forums during the campaign, and not a single “science” forum… we have a de facto religious test. Those wishing to apply it need to be reminded that it is inappropriate in the civic matters of our great nation.

You don’t have to express a belief in God to establish and administer just laws, equally applied.

Obama has called for a return to decisions based on evidence and science. He called for a return to responsibility and involvement in MAKING the nation.

OK.. so we can’t ignore

  • Rick Warren’s god-mongering at the beginning,
  • The humorous, but nonetheless religious, benediction at the end,
  • The use of a bible, and unnecessary inclusion of “So Help Me God” at the end of the oath of office (not prescribed in the Constitution, and only added later based on an apocryphal story about George Washington adding it.)

But then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I can’t help but celebrate the change we’ve already seen!


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