Thank you Grover Norquist! Announcing the "Do your job! Pray on Your Own Time" coalition.

This is about the start of something I hope will take off: The “Do Your Job! Pray on your own time coalition.”

According to Pew Research last year, approximately 16 percent of Americans are “unchurched.” Let’s not get distracted over the degree of faithlessness members of this bloc exhibit, but focus instead on the fact that it is a BLOC!

Sadly, it is a notoriously disorganized bloc of cats, waiting for herding. The frequent lament that “I have nothing in common with so why would I join with them?” obstructs the obvious benefits we might accrue by becoming a powerful lobby. I scratch my head frequently, trying to develop a pole around which we might rally to become an effective force for lobbying our interests.

So take what I say next to either be a sign that “The Lord works in mysterious ways” or that I believe in turning the enemy’s weapons against them.

Grover Norquist is an arch-conservative political theorist who has pushed many of the ideas that motivate the current incarnation of the Republican party. He has been successful and powerful because he put together a coalition of people with vastly divergent interests under the banner of the “Leave Us Alone” coalition. It is a group of people who share NOTHING in common except their general feeling that government should stop interfering in their lives. Enough said about this organization. It is one of the most destructive forces in operation in the last 20 years of American politics. But what can we learn from it?

Is there ONE thing that all of us unchurched, secular, agnostic, atheist, non-believing, scientifically motivated people can agree on and rally behind? I think so. Without delving into any particular issue, I think we are all for the proposition, “Do the people’s business. Pray on your own time.”

The root of the coalition is that we all believe that society’s laws are secular, negotiated rules of government that apply to all citizens. They should be completely faith neutral in their purpose and application. People who have been put in positions of public trust have a duty to fulfill that trust first.

That is what we can rally behind, and that is how we can help remake America in a way that is closer to the ideals upon which this nation is founded. Are you in?


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