Einstein Shrugged

It is time for the update on Ayn Rand’s classic (but completely misguided) tale of what would happen if all of the productive movers and shakers (the entrepreneurs and business men) opted out of society and repaired to their private lair.

In the remake, the protagonists are scientists and atheists. What would happen to society if we all just said,
“Fuck it! We’ve been dragging your young-earth-creationist asses along with mandatory vaccinations, and scientifically enabled abundant food, and technologically enabled comfort and survival of, well, less than the fittest by most standards. If you don’t believe in the scientific method, in evolution by natural selection, in morality without desert nomad deities, then good luck keeping the electrical grid going, the transport system, the internet, the NIH, and all of the other intellectually enabled wonders of the modern world.”

Ah… to dream, perchance to sleep.


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