Amazon! Hello?! This isn’t going away…

Proper credit and linkage, for initially getting me fired up about this, go to “itsmaxinthebox” for his video about the problem:

Max’s Video

An update: Based on word that the problem had been fixed, I went to Amazon to test. At best, the books have been moved to separate ISBN numbers, so a search for “Origin of Species” brings up the “real” book first. Ray’s is still 3rd, and I won’t pretend to understand how that happens.

However, the positive reviews for the “real” book are still found in support of Ray’s book. Also, the “Users who bought this item also bought…” still shows a picture of Ray’s book, even though it is highly unlikely that anyone bought Ray’s OTOOS, TGSOE, and TGD. More likely, the affinity grouping should show the “real” OTOOS cover.

So, I followed up with Amazon, on my initial “ticket” that I opened with them. Here’s what I sent:
First, I want to thank you for properly listing the two “On the Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition” books as SEPARATE, as their ISBN # would require. I’ll refer to the book as “OTOOS” from this point forward.

However, the problem from my initial complaint continues. Now, I know… you said it would take 7-10 business days, but since (to this point) all you have told me directly is that my concern is being forwarded to your superiors, I have to keep the pressure on.

I would greatly appreciate an e-mail letter explicitly stating the action Amazon intends to take regarding:

1. The listing of two distinct versions of OTOOS under the same name. (apparently fixed)
2. The linking of reviews for the “real” OTOOS to the Ray Comfort version, which is out of stock and clearly can’t have many reviews. If it is NOT his book that has been bought, then there should be NO reviews for his book.
Reviews of the “official” unabridged version of OTOOS are still being credited to the Ray Comfort, anti-Evolution version. While some users have edited their reviews to make others aware of the problem, it seems that the duty to repair this breakdown rests squarely on Amazon’s shoulders.

3. The “affinity grouping” which reports that buyers of the Ray Comfort book also bought Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” and “The Selfish Gene.” This is obviously a subset of the problem of the two OTOOS books being erroneously connected, but the affinity grouping should show the correct book, i.e. the REAL OTOOS, not Comfort’s abridged, anti-evolutionary version.

Again, I am blogging and posting on multiple sites about this issue, keeping my constituency updated on your actions. I am recommending to anyone who reads my posts to:

1. Complain directly to Amazon, preferably as a logged on user so Amazon gets a sense of the economic impact of NOT fixing this issue completely.

2. Cease purchasing from Amazon if either
a) the issue is not resolved FULLY by November 1, or
b) Amazon has not written directly to me with explicit statement of intent to fix the items listed above.

I truly hope these issues are unintentional and a misunderstanding of book classification. However, unintentional or not, the problems must be fixed.

… now, how can I extract my tongue from my cheek re: my “constituency.”


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