Society CAN restrict religious practices, and it does all the time….

More and more it is clear that a society CAN and DOES limit religious practices. And it’s OK. In fact, in the cases I cite below, the court is acting as a barometer of universal, equal morality, untilted by one’s specific indoctrination.

Can a court say that forced sexual intercourse is illegal, even if your “bible” says it’s OK? YES, because that’s what we as a society have evolved… new rules that trump your Bronze age morality plays.

Religion Clause: New Jersey Appellate Court Says Religious Belief Does Not Excuse Coerced Sex With Wife

Can courts say that it is illegal to kill your daughter in the name of your “faith” when well known medical treatments will resolve the issue?

Wisconsin Couple Kills Daughter while waiting for divine intervention.

This is MAJOR progress in the debate:  Courts are regularly overturning absurd claims of “religious immunity,” when those claims affect real people in real ways.  How about today’s other ruling?

You Can’t Pray Away a Tumor… no matter what your holy text demands.

We’re on our way to a better  world.


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