Conversational Circuit Breakers

I’m intrigued by the increase in Republican Islamic fear-mongering, countered by the unwavering and unquestioning opposition of liberal news (yeah, I’m talking to you MSNBC) to ANY critical statements against Islam.

I know… I know…  The Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Gingrich wing doesn’t inspire much cooperative dialogue on these issues, but clearly we MUST as a nation be able to discuss the ideas and propositions put forward by various faiths, without having the conversation derailed immediately, before the issue can even be discussed.

It’s like shouting “Racism” as soon as someone says anything about an ethnic group.  It’s like shouting “Anti-semitism” whenever someone critiques Israel’s policies in any way.  The ideas may or may not be legitimate, but we will never know as long as people are willing to THROW (and be susceptible to) conversational circuit breakers whenever religion is involved in the discussion.

  • Islam does propagate ideas in the Koran that are antithetical to liberal democracy.  Let’s debate that.
  • Christian moderates enable the wackaloons who believe the Bible justifies murdering abortion doctors.
  • I believe anyone acting to enforce a blasphemy “rule” of their faith should be subject to prosecution in civil courts.  Let’s hear why you think Blasphemy ought to be enshrined in law, and acts of murder in the name of protecting a deity’s reputation are legitimate.
  • Faith Healing is child abuse.

Let’s TALK about the claims.  Don’t shout “prejudice.”


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