Go See Tim Minchin

About 8 months ago a friend introduced me to a few YouTube videos by Tim Minchin.  Within the next couple of months I became quite a fan and swore to go see him if he came anywhere within a two state radius of me.  Damn the luck, he came to Chicago!!

June 14th I caught his opening show of the “Just For Laughs” festival, and it was so far above and beyond worth the $25 per ticket we spent to see him.  What an evening.  Minchin is a mix of Elton John, Gilbert and Sullivan, David Bowie, Robert Ingersoll, Bertrand Russell, and Tom Lehrer… but better.

I am apparently not alone in my assessment:  The woman sitting next to me had flown in from Israel to see all 5 of Tim’s Chicago shows. 

When he finally breaks HUGE in America (probably with his musical “Matilda”) the throngs to see him will be difficult to overcome. Catch him now while he is remotely “unknown” and the tickets are wonderfully cheap!!

And if you live where he is not appearing, soak up every second of his material on YouTube.  Great stuff, and too many excellent songs to bother putting a “favorite” list together.  Enjoy!


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