The Five Mistakes Most Catholics Make — Simplified to 1

Driving the the airport, I found my rental car had pre-programmed radio settings for the “Eternal Word Network.”  A Catholic radio station.  The host was interviewing Gary Zimak of “Following The Truth”, who was pontificating about his “reversion” to Catholicism, and his new book on the five mistakes Catholics make. 

Listening closely, they all amounted to one thing:  According to Gary, the biggest mistake a Catholic can make is to think for him/her self.  His list of five essential activities to overcome the mistakes are a compendium of synonyms for “abase thyself”, bow to authority, and don’t think… ask the Church.

The SINGLE mistake Catholics make at this point, is to continue to invest their whole selves (and money) into a political organization that has covered up pedophilia systematically, as a policy… and doing so by abandoning critical thinking.


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