There is no such thing as "Good Writing"

I had a chance to sing at a recent backyard party, under marginal duress and significant influence of drink.  It went off surprisingly well, and a few people commented on my “nice voice.”  One lady however, a professional singer, said that singing is not like riding a bike and if I wanted to develop my voice I would have to practice and build my instrument, not just expect to whip it out once a year at a karaoke mic.  I have no intention of becoming a singer, but it reminded me of a college English teacher who told me, “There’s no such thing as good writing!  Only good Re-Writing.”

I do have intention of being a writer, but I must stop fooling myself, thinking that somehow a brilliant treatise is going to spring full-formed onto the page without practicing and “building my instrument” on a regular basis.

So, if for nothing more than to practice my writing “scales,” I intend to write a little something here every day (or so).  There will not be any full on attempt at re-writing.  But the exercise, I hope, will lead to a stronger voice, and be a sign of active commitment to the goal of writing for publication.

Discipline, practice, success.


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