Statin Dreams: Episode 1; “I’m Sorry I Tried To Knife You”

Day 3 on low dose Simvastatin.  No drinks this week.  Ate a seriously good BLT at Sobelman’s after a play downtown, around 9:30.  In bed by 11:30.  Woke up at 6:20 from this and typed up notes:

“Pranky goth bully at work gets mad and comes to my desk. (Note: I work with no one like this. I do not recognize this person from my waking life).   He’s a taller, greasy haired cross between Steven Wright and the kid in “Mask”.  He wears a long black trench coat and appears to be holding a Swiss Army knife with the short spiky leather awl open. Hard to tell.  He’s shuffling toward me, curly hair draping down in front of his eyes.
“I’m not going to kill you… I just like stabbing.” he says to me smiling.

“He’s got a knife!!” I yell.
Gothboy looks bewildered, like “Why the hell did you do that… I SAID I was only going to stab you!”  Drops the knife in my wastebasket.  A 4″ locking blade buck knife, with polished brass ends and a wooden center.  I’m dreaming in color for sure.

Security tackles him, he’s taken away.  … And Scene… flash forward, he’s returning to my desk, crying.  “They said I could come out if I apologized to you.”  He grabs me by the shirt and we walk to the hallway, which appears to be a concourse in an airport.  He’s crying and apologizing, but it sounds more like he’s crying over the fact he’s been forced to apologize.  Four other unrecognizable, but squirrely looking mugs surround us… they ask him how he’s been since getting out of custody, swiveling eyes from him to me, memorizing my face.
One guy in particular stares me down. Square jaw, short hair, beard. Looks me up and down as he comforts his distressed Dylan Kleibold buddy, with a look in his eye like, “Yeah… the judge made HIM apologize to you, but I’m coming back to kill you later. I know what you look like.”
== == = == == = == == = =

And there you have it.  I’m not analyzing anything, just laying it out.  3 days on the drug, and I have the first weird dream I’ve had since the LAST time I took it.  If I reach chapter 5, the experiment with Simvastatin will be done.  Maybe I’ll be “scared straight” and stick to some healthy living?


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