Statin Dreams: Unbearable!

Simvastatin: 10mg.  Day 4.

I had another vivid dream last night, but this one did not veer into depravity.  In my two stints on statins, I have had a variety of just plain weird dreams to go with the psychotic and inexplicable.  Like the time I took a day off work to golf a really nice course here in Wisconsin, then as I neared the course I realized I left something back home… my childhood home, in Nevada.  We had 15 minutes to tee time and I knew we could make it.  Some of the other details have faded in that dream, but the time, and the circumstances were kooky.

Last night I set off on a deep wilderness backpacking trip with two Facebook friends (one of whom I’ve never met in person) and a 75 year old former psychology professor from the University of Utah.  At least that made sense!  David had introduced me to amazing trails in Wyoming’s Wind River Range back in 2008.  It just this second came back to me!  The reason I went in to have my blood and heart tested in early 2008 was to determine if I was fit enough to handle a 12 mile uphill hike, at 11,000 ft above sea level. Onward to Wind River Peak

Anyway, the atheist guitar player, lesbian math Ph.D, the septuagenarian backpacker and I all met at the trail head and began marching into the wild.  It wasn’t too long before we were on a windswept ridge, looking down into a valley, when I said to myself, “This is a dream… I wonder what weird shit is going down tonight?” I’m actually keeping my eyes peeled for statin dreams before they begin! They call these “lucid dreams”.  It’s almost as if you are awake, you know you’re dreaming, and you can kind of direct the story flow.

I looked off the cliff into the valley and saw something move 400 feet below.  A bear!! No.  A deer? No, definitely a bear cub, scampering across a mossy patch of tundra.  “This is awesome,” I dream-think, “I never get to see bears on my real hikes.  I wonder where the mother is?”

At that second two huge grizzlies burst from a thicket of pines along the trail, from the direction we had just passed a few minutes earlier.  They barreled full speed toward us, and I somehow knew I was in a protective bubble and they’d pass us by.  And again, lucidly I said, “Well, that wasn’t so bad for a Statin dream,” and woke up.  Wind River Peak; Wyoming backcountry

People! I do not normally dream, boringly OR vividly.  So while this dream was fairly innocuous and represented me spending time in my favorite environment, apparently with a couple friends I subconsciously want to share a pit toilet with, it still counts.


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