Drawing Conclusions; or “The Power of Bad Syllogism.”

This “meme” is making the rounds in the wake of the Paris attacks, and some form of it has been resurrected after each new instance of Islamically influenced terrorism. It is a flawed syllogism.

There is a huge difference between the following statements: image
1. “ISIS is representative of all Muslims.”

2. “ISIS is an Islamic organization, i.e. Based on “Islam”, the written scripture of the Koran and Hadith. Their actions and goals are completely consistent with (AND based on) the portions of the Koran and Hadith they choose to cherry-pick.”

The first is stupid, prejudicial, over-generalizing and wrong, and I’ve certainly never said it.

The second is accurate, whether one wants to accept it or not.

I offer the following two excellent discussions for your consideration:



Or the Paris focused audio update:


(Part 2 forthcoming:  The Facebook Debate)


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