The world is not waiting for my opinion on the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Miami.  Facebook doesn’t need another post on the subject.  But perhaps there is a constituency for my views and feelings.

My gay friends.

To all of you:  I love you. You are some of the brightest, most selfless, innovative, loving, decent and valuable society members I know.  I’ve never been subject to any “agenda” in any of my interactions with you.   All I have known is your insatiable intelligence and curiosity, coupled with your good sense of humor, artistic sensibility and love of life. You have raised ME up, and the world at large.  The world needs more of you.

When I learned that some self loathing, gay-hating Muslim man shot up Pulse, I could only imagine how I would feel if any of you had been killed… and the thought sickened me.

I am at a complete loss as to how to resolve this or prevent future attacks, but I am on your side.  This is a callous, heinous waste of precious life, in pursuit of some bizarre religious sanctification and/or the shooter’s attempt to quell the voices he could not tolerate in himself.

An attack on homosexuality is an attack on my friends, and hence an attack on me.  I stand with you now and will put myself in front of the next bullets if I can.  This must end!  And for what little it is worth, I’m here to end it with you!


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