UNM Summer Writers Conference

Well, it’s here.  I’m here.  I’ve been on pins and needles for months waiting for this event.  Two years ago I crossed paths with an author on Facebook, who suggested that if I really wanted to improve and move toward publication, then attending a writer’s workshop like this would be a good idea. The University of New Mexico Summer Writers conference.

(The editor in me wonders if this is only for those who write about Summer, or if a possessive needs to be added?)

A year later I signed up for this one, and seconds ago I registered in the second floor lobby of the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe.20160724_145107_resized

I am experiencing extraordinarily mixed emotions.  Thrilled.  Nervous.  Euphoric. Hypoxic (Santa Fe is at 7,190 feet above sea level, so a day or so to acclimate will be needed). Impostor syndrome.

I’ll try to blog each day here, and capture some notes, feelings, tangents.

Today, along with registration, includes an informal group meeting with my class of 12 other aspiring memoirists and our teacher, who just happens to be the author I met on Facebook 2 years ago.  The venue is fabulous, the mountains remind me of home.  20160724_113935_resized

This could be a pivotal week.  My goal:  Sit back. Shut Up. Learn.

Less is more.



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