Werd Nerd Alert

Werd-nerd alert! I typed “nerve-wracking” into a Facebook message and was auto-corrected to “nerve-racking.”

I sez to myself, “What? Have I been misusing this word all along? So I Googles (not yet synonymous with “goggles”), and I get this ridiculousness back from Merriam Webster. (🙄like THEY know anything.🙄)

“Probably the most sensible attitude would be to ignore the etymologies of rack and wrack (which, of course, is exactly what most people do) and regard them simply as spelling variants of one word.”

I am over rot with emocean.

First, I utterly despise people (and dictionaries) who passive-aggressively tell me what the “most sensible” approach is (implying any other approach is senseless, how DARE you have an opinion!). It’s one step away from, “Well, actually…” dictionary-splaining, or “dic-splaining.”

But worse, perhaps…you be the judge, decide for yourself… is that they are siggesting we forget historical origins of words. Go along to get along. Don’t ask too many questions. And all because some idiot misused “rack” in nerve-wracking because they didn’t know what wracking is.

The same idiots want to wreck havoc (instead of wreak) and probably say “supposably” and think they’re just fine. Who’s to refudiate them?

I’m fine with the idea that language evolves, but maybe not fine enough?


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