Make Some Noise!

Sam Harris often refers to a guest’s qualifications for his podcast with a line like, “I find Dr. Xxxxxx to be a the person making the most reasonable noises on the subject.”

The most reasonable noises are attractive to Sam. I likewise, am attracted to his “Waking Up” podcast because of the reasonable noises he makes.

Others make musical noises, and different types of people are attracted to whichever artist they feel makes the most beautiful, calming, emotive, or meaningful music.

Noises attract attention.  The noise we make causes others to be attracted to us.  What noises are you making? What results do your noises have on other people?  Do they feel enlightened? Happier? Challenged to excel? Focused on spreading justice? Sharing a good life and building a community?

Or do the noises you make sound like a bleating lamb, calling to wolves?

I heard a podcast in which a woman talked about working 44 years in a chicken processing plant in Alabama, achieving a salary in 2017 of $11.95 per hour. Yes…after 44 years.

There are a lot of people attracted to the noise this woman makes: “I’m willing to work 44 years, to cling to solvency by the skin of my teeth, if you’ll jist give me a job.”  These same people attracted to the woman, make noises actively striving to maintain the conditions that ensure she won’t ever press for more; won’t ever consider the possibility that it need not be like this.

Someone said that all it takes for evil to win in this world is for good people to remain silent. Get up and make some noise!

Or, if you’re attracted to musical noises, try Bob Marley: “Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights. Get up. Stand up. Don’t give up the fight.”


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