Gone Focusing: Day 6

Day 6 of 40, Facebook Fast.

In which our hero respects the Sabbath by writing less, because -verily – there are bathrooms that need cleaning.

It doesn’t take much Google-fu to discover the myriad articles suggesting social media addiction makes a person: miserablefeel worse, have lower self esteem, be less productive. 

They may be right.  I feel great, but I worry what will happen to the economy (more specifically, my Facebook stock) if millions like me give up their addiction and spend more time living “real life.”


WTAF?? Facebook’s share price has skyrocketed in the 6 days since I left. This is not helping my self esteem.  But… I do know when to shortsell FB:  the day before I come back and tank the stock with my apparently inane posts.


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