Gone Focusing: Day 22

I  Hear Rumblings; Is “Snarkify” a word”; The White Whale.

Certain trusted informants have let me know that my infrequent posting remotely to Facebook, from other apps and sites, have some friends wondering, “What the Bloody hell is the point of a fast, if you’re still partaking?

Gentle reader, surely the fact that I don’t have to engage in response to such pettiness is proof in the pudding…even if it were the entire benefit, which it is not.

22 days away has given me the clarity to parse the various types of Facebook involvement.  I don’t open the app, so I am not tempted by the Sirens of Respond, Defend, and Snarkify. Adding to my “author platform” by linking to my book reviews, from the book reviewing site, is positive use, for a specific purpose aligned with my goals.

Nary a second spent scrolling others’ lives, correcting grammar, or being sucked in by well designed “Suggested Posts”.

Moby Dick

I’ve startd readingthis classic.  Maybe its age, or just the fact I love reading, but this book comes across as extremely easy to love.  I am only on chapter 5, but the writing is so pure, simple and good. I’m looking forward to writing what surely must be the first review of this tome ever! 😉


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