Gone Focusing: Day 31

In which our hero is driven from MSNBC by the advertisements, to the second most famous Rabbit, and going “Beyond Belief.”

I think it is an interesting strategy twist.  It looks like the Trump team is flooding MSNBC with commercials designed to imply if you are watching you are an incontinent, impotent man with a penis that curves.

Yes, they are advertising a medication designed to solve that age old scourge: curvy penis.  No one should be forced to Google “curved penis disease.” Peyronie’s disease is apparently a thing, and it affects your thing. They are advertising it so consistently and repeatedly that if it were an erection you should probably see your doctor immediately.

Then there’s the Men’s Liberty, tape-on catheter bag ads. Jayzus!!

I may run back to Facebook to escape this onslaught.

The Rabbit

A27E9694-B431-4DEC-9192-1462B4A9AE29I finally figured out why this kick-butt wine opener is called “The Rabbit.”  All I can say is if you like wine and want opening it to be easy and fun, get thee a Rabbit.

Going Beyond Belief

OK, let’s be serious for a moment.  My Facebook Fast is intended to identify for me better ways I can use my time and have an impact with my life and my actions. I’ve got something in the works, that puts my money where my mouth is — taking action to live my beliefs.  I’ll leave a hint:  it hinges on me passing some medical tests.

Watch this space.

The Return

The question of how to return to Facebook remains an issue. I think I will go with the “only on the treadmill” approach, forcing me to exercise 14 hours per day.


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