Gone Focusing: Day 37

Countdown to Facebook return T- 3 Days. Binging, or controlled?

On the value of fucking up, or how we learn.

I spent the evening carving the inlay in this cribbage board (The piece still covered in paper). I made a nice template, and handcarved the inlay to fit in the hole I had previously cut.   It became clear to me as I worked that I did this exactly backwards. I should’ve cut the inlay first and then traced precisely around it with a knife to outline the hole I should carve out.

60fca49d-ef03-46dd-b167-6af2946eeb08.jpegThe end result would be a little better but it would’ve taken me about 1/3 of the time. But guess what? I learned something amd will never forget it. I learned by doing.


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