Gone Focusing: Day 36

OMG! My Facebook fast is almost over. Can I handle going back in?

Only four days before I have to try interacting, without being sucked in. I realize that my blogging has not broken  any new ground, or exposed a major epiphany.  I tried to show up.  I more or less did.  I’m probably going to have to treat Facebook like I treat cookies: if I don’t want to eat the whole pack, I just don’t bring them home.


One thing I’ve learned in the last 36 days is that I can’t watch Betsy Woodruff for very long on MSNBC. She’s smart, never says “Ummm,” or adds filler.  She seems completely possessed of her facts, talks smoothly and never resorts to hyperbole or shouting.

So what’s my beef? It’s not a beef! She’s TOO GOOD! She has so many expressive facial features, deployed non-stop, that I am overwhelmed by expressiveness.  Eye enlargement, ambidextrous eyebrow raises, slight up or down curl of her lips as she listens to other guests.  Four independent suspension, rack and pinion dimples, over an off-kilter, asymmetrical chin. Seemingly inflatable cheekbones.

All of this piled upon articulation and clarity unheard of in these days of Millenial “assent-begging.”  She is declarative.

There have been moments I suspected I was in the uncanny valley, watching the first perfected cyborg.

6012A16D-6E37-4190-ADA5-84A1020AD00EYou know what is funny though? Since I first noticed my reaction, I’ve been paying attention: she is the only female commentator that the male hosts do not interrupt. Her command of the screen is irrepressible.

Check her out.  Great reporter. I have to listen with my eyes closed so I’m not smitten by all her quirky moves and tics. I want to focus on her clear and incisive reportage.


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