Gone Focusing: Day 40

Coming home, to Facebook, tomorrow! What have I learned from 40 days away?

1. I’ve done a lot of different things to replace Facebook, much more productive things.

2. Good friends stayed in touch.

3. I don’t have a plan for avoiding the attractions of FB addiction, other than saying “Only if you’re on the treadmill.”   We’ll see how long that lasts.

4. My anger and general stress level have gone down perceptibly. I still get doses of Trump on Tv, but I don’t read the endless escalation and hysteria.  I don’t mean to imply we’re not fucked with Trump as President, or that the disgusting Republican party isn’t once again attempting to kill government by overfeeding it (and hence benefiting their cronies).  It’s just that ai don’t spend all dya in a vituperative fit.

5.  I’m a feedback junkie. And FB has my number.

6.  I got less writing done than I wanted, but more than I would have with FB.

That’s all I got, for my 40 days.  Back into the breach.


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