We Must Speak Truth

I’m hearing and reading the news lately with a new set of ears and eyes.  The Chicago Tribune trumpets, “In Reversal, New Trump Budget Gives up on Longtime GOP Goal of Eliminating Deficit.” 

On NPR I hear the news reader ask, “Will Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan make America modern again?”

It’s almost like the news media can’t say with a straight face, “Donald Trump has lied again, and we’re not falling for it,” or  “Supply side, Voodoo, Trickle Down economics has failed in every re-branded instance since the ’80’s and what Republicans like Paul Ryan are trying to do is continue their ACTIONS of the last 40 years, seeking to de-fund all social programs, especially the New Deal entitlements.”

Why?  Why can’t the news stand up to this bullying, and stop playing the headlines as if hypocrisy is the biggest issue.  NO… The bald faced lies, repeated again and again go unchallenged.

The Republicans have been visibly pursuing a policy of saddling the government with debt when they are in power, then becoming fiscal hawks when out of power — blind, one-eyed fiscal hawks who can’t see deficit reduction coming on the backs of any of the programs they have gifted with excessive funds when in power. No, the only way we can get to balance is to cut entitlements… don’t look backwards and use facts.

If it weren’t a multi-generational recurring thing, I’d laugh.

It’s like the George W. Bush tax cuts can’t be rolled back.  It’s like the 1.5 Trillion dollar giveaway to the wealthy and corporate interests didn’t happen.  It’s like Ryan didn’t just re-sign the military blank check that has been open since GWB got his authorization in 2003, and it’s like we have spent NO money on military actions for 16 years consecutively.  No, once the Republicans are out of power you can be sure that every effort will be made to gut Social Security and Medicaid, the “obvious” source of all our nation’s financial woes.

The lie is perennial as the rains and spring flowers.

And Trump?  As if Donald Trump has a plan or cares about its impact on American modernity.  Donald Trump has a government destruction plan (heading agencies with people who hate the agencies they’re supposed to lead), combined with a “privatization for cronies” deal in which all “Infrastructure” projects become private/public partnerships… i.e. uncontrolled cost overruns, rent-seeking at the public teat.

It is theft.

If our nation is to recover, it will only be because we stop allowing the powerful to lie to us.  We must stop them in their tracks and banish them and their tools to the sidelines.


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